Friday, October 16, 2015

Stefano Posani

Hello, my name is Stefano Posani, I am from Italy where I study Marketing, Communication and Global markets. Since I arrived in Australia, I was looking for finding and enjoying an unforgettable  experience in the marketing field, now I can strongly argue that I have satisfied my desire.

In Marketing Mechanics I never felt disappointed being as a part of the family who always supported me trusting in my professional skills. In my intern, I worked with clients and suppliers negotiating prices in addition to develop digital marketing skills learning all about marketing tasks as social media schedule, marketing research  and marketing plan’s creation.

In this experience I have grown up both professionally and personally gaining self-responsibility and improving my English knowledge as well.  Now  I’m feeling ready to face any kind of situation being sure that Marketing Mechanics will be helpful to find my own way not just in professional terms but also in my life. I absolutely suggest to catch this opportunity because it’s unique and  you will not regret it!

As a conclusion, I really want to say “THANK YOU” to Diane and her staff, I will never forget your kindness and the fantastic moments together! Take care!

Ciao e Arrivederci J

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