Monday, April 24, 2017

Enrica - Italy

My name is Enrica Zambonin, I am Italian and I have a MA Degree in Communication Design. I came in Australia six months ago because wanted to make a life change, improve my English and learn as much as possible about Marketing and the aboriginal culture. I am happy I have satisfied my desire because I arrived with very little experience of the business world and even less of Australia, but the team helped me grow in confidence and capacity and I’ll hope to pursue a career in marketing in my near future.

Three months ago I started my internship at Marketing Mechanics. Everybody was always so kind and friendly with me, I soon became an integrated part of the team. During my time here I learned many different aspects of marketing. In fact, I started to write marketing digital reports, analyse competitors, and to get a lot of responsibility about my own projects.

In this experience I have grown both professionally and personally. Diane gave me a lot of advice, not only regarding work, she motivated and encouraged me every time.

It is sad now to think my time at Marketing Mechanics is already over after 3 months. It’s always hard for me to say goodbye and it seems like only yesterday that I was reading the other intern blogs in Italy and now I’m writing my own in Australia!

THANK YOU for making my time here so interesting, funny and unforgettable!


Monday, January 9, 2017

Erica - Taiwan

My name is Erica, from Taiwan. My major is human resources management. I can’t image that I am writing the intern blog. It seems that I just came here to have an interview. I still can remember the very first time I arrived here. The people here are really nice. After talking to Diane, I am sure that I want to try and have different experiences here. Luckily, I got this offer.

The first week was really challenging. Diane gave me a task that I have to do the secondary research. In order to help our clients to figure the potential market, I had to collect the quantitative and qualitative data. For me, this task was very exciting because I‘ve never done this before and it was not an easy job. However, I found something interesting in this job. While I was searching the quantitative data in the statistical database, I tried to contact the city council to help me to get the data. To be honest, I didn’t think that they would share the data with me, but I still want to try. Surprisingly, they give me the information which is exactly I need! After finishing this stage, the marketing team incorporate all of the data into marketing plan for the clients. I got the report as well. Being one part of this plan was very fulfilling and satisfying to me.

The following days, Diane gave me another challenging job which is about the strategy. I used academic models (example: Jay barney-competitive advantages, Porter- five forces analysis,…) to interpret data, and incorporate into Marketing Mechanics marketing strategy. I can’t believe that Diane believed in me that I can do these jobs.(because I can’t believe that I can finish these!!!!) I am so appreciative that I got this chance.

As an intern of Marketing Mechanics, I can try everything new and they will encourage you to achieve the goal! I really enjoyed this research job. Although I am not major in marketing, during these days I have learned a lot of new things which are very helpful for me!

Time went so fast, I wish I could stay longer because everything here is so amazing! I want to thank Diane she sets a wonderful sample for me. I can see that she is not only the owner of this team, but also a soul of Marketing Mechanics. Thank you for all the people in Marketing Mechanics. Thank you, Andrew, Britt, Bonnie, Daniel, Adam, David, Ivy and Kelvin (and William)!!!! I will remember every happy and funny moment we had experienced together. My 2016 is so incredible because of Marketing Mechanics!!! 

Kelvin Yap - Indonesia

The internship that I had in Marketing Mechanics has been very insightful and overall a valuable experience.
I'm an Indonesian IT graduate from the University of Technology Sydney. The three months I spent with Marketing Mechanics flew by fast, but I'm glad I chose this company for my internship. I got to practice my skills in a professional environment, get a better understanding on the business side of things and learn some marketing.
The Marketing Mechanics team consisted of very helpful and unique people. It was a small team, but it was a very capable and hardworking team. They also have a great sense of humour!
Diane and the crew gave ample opportunities for the interns to experience new things while providing solid feedbacks all the time. Even as an intern, I felt there was a lot of trust and I felt included as part of the team.
Going through the Christmas rush was an interesting experience. The team was always on high gear and cranked up a lot of work week after week. I was also very lucky to experience Christmas celebrations with the team (great cruise, kris kringle and fun time decorating the office).
Big shout-out to Di, Bonnie, Andrew, Britt and Dan, also Will, Adam, David and Ivy for making the internship worthwhile. I also got to know the other interns Peter and Erica - both great people and we exchanged many stories during our internship.
I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Best of luck,


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Peter Welner, Denmark

Feels like no time since I started my internship at Marketing Mechanics! Time runs fast when you are in good company.

I’m a danish IT student, who came to Australia hoping to get a lifetime experience where I could utilize what I learned during my studies in a professional environment, but also to have fun, make new friends and expand my network. I achieved all of this and more during my stay at Marketing Mechanics! From the moment I arrived the team quickly made feel very welcome and like a valued member of the little family.

Diane and her staff were very dedicated in making my time in the company a great and useful experience, going out of their way to include me in everything and making sure I learned as much as possible from every job I handled. I worked on a range of projects during my stay, all of which Diane had ensured helped me in the direction I wanted to go - so that was just ideal. But also, the office vibe always fun and friendly, which made going to work every day really enjoyable!

Overall, I grew a great deal both personally and professionally, and I would recommend anyone with the opportunity to jump at it, and spend a few months as an intern in Marketing Mechanics. You will be in good hands! A big thank you to the team, hope to see you all again soon.



Monday, August 22, 2016

Louise, Kent - UK

It is incredible to think my time at Marketing Mechanics is already over. It seems like only yesterday that I was reading the other intern blogs to see what I was getting myself into, and now I’m writing my own! To any new interns reading these blogs and thinking it sounds too good to be true, it’s not! The team really are as welcoming and supportive as they sound and my time there was invaluable.

I am an English Literature and Business student from the UK, hoping to pursue a career in marketing. I arrived at Marketing Mechanics with very little experience of the business world and even less of Australia, but the team very quickly put me at ease and helped me grow in confidence and ability. The team was incredibly supportive and really encouraged me to experiment with my content marketing skills, something I hope to pursue in the future; while Britt taught me the ways of Australia (and New Zealand), with their abbreviations, “deadly” ticks and awesome burger joints. In all honesty, Marketing Mechanics is just one big family, with Diane nurturing us all with her brilliant advice and contagious laugh.

During my time there I was exposed to many different aspects of marketing, gaining particularly good experience with social media schedules, marketing plans, media buying and customer interactions. The diversity of clients kept me challenged, making the work so much more dynamic and interesting.

So one last massive THANK YOU to everyone there, I hope to see you all again soon.

Much love, Louise xox

Monday, March 21, 2016

Vicky Jahns, Germany

It’s always hard to say goodbye. Goodbye means an end and I don’t want my time at Marketing Mechanics to end…. Six months ago I started my internship here. It was easy to settle in. Everybody was so kind and friendly so after one month I became an integrated part of the team.  I started to get a lot of responsibility and my own projects. I learned to create comprehensive marketing plans, got insights in film and video production and had my own content marketing projects. I’m so happy that I’ve had a boss like Di. She gave me advice, not only regarding work, she motivated and encouraged me, she gave me power when I had bad days and she took care of me. In a foreign country where you don’t know anybody and anything, a person like Di is worth a mint.

I never really felt like an intern, everybody treated me like an equal part of the staff. My workmates became my friends. We shared all our stories, pains and secrets with each other. And we had so much fun together… I will never forget these little breaks. I loved to be in charge of the music and of the aircon (sometimes, thanks Dan haha). I loved our parties and cakes on Friday. I loved that everybody just wanted to give me nice tasks and felt bad when it was not that nice (You felt bad, right Andrew?! ;) ).

Right now, as I’m writing this I remember all the nice memories that I will never forget. I will take them with me to Berlin. Thanks for making my time here so special and unforgettable! Di, Britt, Andrew, Matt,  Daniel, David, Manel and Bonnie – you guys are amazing!! I will miss you so much.

So it’s a goodbye for now but I’m pretty sure that we’ll see each other very soon again!

xxx Vicky

Friday, December 18, 2015

Jara Prins - The Netherlands

Hi there,

My name is Jara Prins and I’m from the Netherlands. Five months ago I went down under. Where did all that time go?! During my internship at Marketing Mechanics I got the opportunity to work on my web development skills, which I’m really grateful for! Diane gave my own little project, where I got to do all the things I wanted to do or learn. I got to work with clients, do coding and designing. I learned a lot from this experience on both professional and personal level.

I got to spend my Christmas in Australia, and the team showed me how it’s done. We had the best time decorating the place. I loved working with the marketing mechanics team, and a special shout out to Britt and Vicky and their cool music sessions.

I want to say a big thank you to Diane for having me, and to all future interns I would say you’re in great hands and enjoy your time at Marketing Mechanics!
Thanks again and hopefully I’ll see you all again someday!