Monday, July 20, 2015

Rajshree B (Sydney, Australia)

WOW. It's been a short but sweet time here at Marketing Mechanics and I will definitely miss the team! This was my first practical experience in the marketing field and I have loved and learnt so much here! I am so grateful for Diane and the team at Marketing Mechanics for welcoming me so warmly.

I love the fact that I have been able to be fully involved in the different types of work and different types of clients here at the office. I have completed tasks such as social media scheduling, marketing research, assisting in writing up marketing plans and various other tasks in the marketing field. What I really also enjoyed about this experience is how much of a mentor Diane was to me, she will sit down with you and go through your work and really guide you along which really motivated me and made me want to work harder!

I have gained an amazing experience here, the internship has allowed me to walk away as a more confident individual not only professionally but also personally. It has also made me feel even more excited about what the marketing field holds for me!
I would highly recommend this internship opportunity for anyone who is interested in exploring the field of marketing as you will not be disappointed and will come out with an enriched understanding and hands-on experience in the field! Also, you will be working alongside lovely and helpful colleagues which always helps!

Thank you again to Diane, Andrew, Luke, Dan 1, Dan 2, David and Bonnie for always being so helpful and kind and making this a very memorable and enjoyable experience for me!!! I have so much gratitude to you guys! Take care :) 

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