Thursday, December 22, 2011

Linde van Erp

Good day! My name is Linde and I am a 20 year old Dutchie! For the past 5 months I’ve been living in Sydney, the city of dreams! Working as an intern at Marketing Mechanics has been a blast. It was my first time working fulltime for a marketing and advertising agency and the fact that it was abroad, thousands of kilometres away from home was exciting but scary at the same time. Di & Bonnie made me feel home right away with being so excited about us as interns. They are always in for a chat and make you smile with all their funny stories. In the office upstairs I have been working with the other interns Carmen, Evelien and Willem and my colleagues Marcel, Andrew and Giorgia. I loved the fact that there was always something going on, lots of work to do and that we could always ask about things we wanted to learn. I have learned so much from working at Marketing Mechanics. From radio-, TV-, print- and online advertising to personal development. Celebrating birthdays is what we are good at. It was great to sit around the table, eating the best cake and sharing stories with each other. Besides that I loved working with different nationalities and hearing about some Australian habits such as ‘The Housos’.

Overall both working at Marketing Mechanics and living in Sydney has made my year. I am in love with Sydney. It’s a city where everything is possible and where urban meets nature. The city that makes your day, every day. The city where all nationalities come together, where everyone can be excited about a racing horse, where you find furniture everywhere on the streets. A city that has playgrounds for adults, where everyone is fit, with good food everywhere same with beaches and parks.

Sometimes it’s because you want to share everything with your friends and family back home but then you realise you can share everything (pictures, videos, stories) except the experience.

But as you can read, I was living the good life in Sydney and working at Marketing Mechanics.

Thank you so much for this experience! And as it is the 22th of December it’s time to say: Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year!

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Sounds like you had a great time there :)