Thursday, December 15, 2011

G'day from Willem


Let me introduce myself. I’m Willem Weddepohl, a 22 year old student from the lovely country called the Netherlands. At the moment I’m studying Marketing in Breda, The Netherlands.

Let me take you back to the 23rd of August 2011. The beginning of my big adventure Down Under. My flight from Amsterdam – Hong Kong – Sydney was one of the easiest, longest flights I’ve ever made. I slept the whole journey so it was good! After a week of discovering the lovely city called Sydney I started my first day as a marketing intern at Marketing Mechanics. Exciting of course but also a bit scary! Luckily I had two lovely girls in my house (according to Marcel the famous Dutch house) who work at MM as well. So the first day Linde and Carmen were my lovely guides! Thank god they showed me were it was because I’d probably not have found the office! After an introduction to the colleagues Giorgia showed me around the office and building. Diane, Bonnie, Marcel, Andrew and Giorgia made me feel at home from the beginning. In the following weeks we worked on a lot of different marketing plans and together with the team we made it work! It’s always fun to be in the office. Di has always a good story about things that happened in the past. It’s always good to talk to Bonnie and help her. Upstairs (were we sit) we had a great time together with Andrew and Marcel. From Colombian music with Marcel, to Andrews iPhone and discussions on 2day FM. It was good to work in this company and I learned a lot about marketing, clients but most of all about myself.

Thanks for the awesome time at Marketing Mechanics!



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