Thursday, December 1, 2011

With love from The Netherlands.

…or Southampton if you please. It has been nearly four months since I have left Marketing Mechanics and ten months since I first set foot in the office. The fact that I am still prepared to write a blog about my time at MM might give you an indication of my fondness for the place.

If you are thinking about starting your internship at MM, go for it! You will never find anything like it. There will be times of laughter, there will be times you would like to rip the hair out of your scalp but there will always be a great team to work with.

Marketing Mechanics provided you with hands on experience in the ever-changing industry of marketing. Interns mainly work individually whilst being supervised by management. The company has an open door policy and provides feedback and guidance where necessary.

My internships has provided me with a diverse range of marketing skills but has also contributed to my professional conduct.

All in all it was an amazing time and if I had the chance I would do it over again.

Yvonne Lemmen

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