Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jaap from the Nederlands - Graphic designer

Jaap looking like a young punk Rod steward at Sydneys famous Gay & Lesbian MardiGras!

After the first day of his internship, Jaap already thought he was the boss :)

Today is my last full day in Australia (for the moment), and I’m having a lot of mixed emotions. I’m really happy I can go back to the Netherlands and see my friends, family and girlfriend again but on the other side I’m really sad I have to say goodbye to everybody here, however, I wouldn’t feel this way if the past six months would not have been as good as they where.

Like fish and chips or… peas and carrots, or………… Friday night and football, some things just go well together, and I felt like that with Marketing Mechanics. It all worked very well and I learned so much, and not just about design. I just couldn’t have asked for a better company.

I’m very grateful for the freedom and influence Bonnie and Diane gave me, in order to make my work a lot more pleasant, and the end result to be good. Brainstorming with Diane was great and Bonnie’s critical eye, however sometimes a little bit frustrating, especially when you think you’re done, improved the end result many many times and I learned a lot from that ;-)

Many thanks to Sandy as well, traveling alone to Australia and a city as big as Sydney can be intimidating so having such a friendly colleague is really a big relief ;-)

Aaron, Asa, Jurjen and Silke completed the team and I had a great time with everybody. Thanks heaps guys.

I don’t know when I will return but I’ll definitely come back to Australia, because the last half year was just amazing. Will it be as tourist or as a employee? Time will tell ;-)

Thanks all, and we’ll stay in touch.


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Jaap said...

where are Silke and Jurjen staying? ;p

- Jaap