Friday, December 18, 2009

We'll miss you Anne!

Thru this blog I'd like to thank Bonnie Senior, Diane Costa and Sandy Leong for the amazing time I had. I have learned allot, actually more than I could ever imagine learning from an internship. Marketing Mechanics has given me all the opportunities to learn what I want and has trusted me in the ideas and things I have done for the company.

Becuase of this internship I really found out that I want to run my own business. I learned how to work together with other people, and taking care of projects, working with real deadlines and challenges to improve myself.

The last five months were the most exciting, most instructive and most fun months of my life and I really hope to return some day to Australia and hopefully with a good running business!

I can recommend an adventure like this to everybody and I am going to miss the team!

Anne, Nederlands. Dec 2009

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