Friday, June 12, 2009

Aaron from the UK and Asa from Sweden


From left
Jurjen, bon, Jaap, diane, Aaron
Asa and Sandy
A good aussie Lunch!!! Fish & Chips. MMMmm

Aaron and Asa

A Note From Aaron......
Having managed to navigate my way from the UK via the US, Fiji and New Zealand I arrived into the land of opportunity that is Australia, determined to start my career.

Diane and Bonnie gave me that opportunity to begin my marketing career with the innovative and charismatic marketing and advertising agency that is Marketing Mechanics!

Under the careful mentoring of Di, Bonnie and the watchful eye of Sandy, (who deserves a special mention for putting up with me for so long) Marketing Mechanics certainly gave me a well rounded insight into how a marketing agency should be run, simultaneously developing a number of key skills which I will take into my career upon my return to the UK.

Add this, to the creative brainpower of fellow colleagues Jaap and Jurjen and you really have a team driven to succeed.

According to many sources, “Variety is the spice of the life” and at Marketing Mechanics, you get that in abundance! From writing proposals for new and existing clients to baby sitting celebrity dogs, there’s never a dull moment!So I wish Di, Bonnie, Sandy, Jaap, Jurjen, Asa and Silke all the best in the future!

Kind Regards


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