Friday, May 30, 2008

Hi there,
My name is Dani and I am from the United States, Missouri to be exact. As of this May, I have just completed my degree in advertising at Macquarie University in Sydney. Amazingly enough I was placed in an internship at Marketing Mechanics to fulfill some of my degree requirements. I just have to say it was awesome. Way better than sitting in a classroom and pretending to pay attention to the lecturer (not that I don’t ;). I couldn’t have asked for a better placement. My experience here has truly expanded my marketing and advertising techniques and taught me heaps. Bonnie and Di are not only great supervisors, but great people. It’s because of my experience with them and all the people I met at Marketing Mechanics (Sandy, Christian…even though he is returning to Germany) that I have decided to return to Sydney to live for who knows how long (that’s right I bought a one way ticket at the end of July, yikes). It is at this time that I fully intend on bothering everyone here and making them show me around, sorry ladies. Well, what else can I say other than I loved working here and know I have had an experience that will not only further me in my career opportunities, but be an experience I will never forget!


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