Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hello, I’m Nadine, from Germany. I finished studying last year in October. I studied business information systems in Karlsruhe (Germany). So I did a lot of software development the last few years. And because I liked Marketing in uni I decided that I wanted to do an internship in marketing to get some practical experience and to see how I’ll like it…

And so far, that’s how I found my way to Marketing Mechanics. I really enjoyed the last two month in this agency. I learned at lot of different things - I created marketing proposals, collated informations and statistical facts via then internet, helped with design and web briefs and created webpage’s with templates - many things I didn’t know before.

Sandy showed me a lot of new things especially in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (Thank you for that). Bonnie, Di and Sandy were so friendly and nice to me. It was a pleasure to work with them… I wish you guys all the best for the future! You’ll definitely hear from me again! ;-)

Thank you for everything! Nadine

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