Wednesday, May 21, 2008

bonnie & chris's cake eating competition!

OK Chris, you DO look like Superman!

Sandy & Chris
Hey there,

My Name is Christian and I am from Germany. Studying business administration in Wiesbaden, this semester was scheduled as my practical semester. As I already worked in a German advertising agency for two and a half years, I decided to follow this profession and additionally go abroad to improve my English. Sydney was my first choice based on great experiences I made on a holiday 5 years ago. Fortunately, I ended up at Marketing Mechanics. :-)
Beside the great people working here, I gained a lot of new marketing and advertising experience. In my previous job I had mainly be involved in the routine day-to-day business, but at Marketing Mechanics I got the chance of working on conceptual designs which was very interesting and fun. Additionally I learned a lot about online marketing, a field that I did not work in before.
Used to the German working environment which is definitely a bit rougher than the Australian one, I also enjoyed having the daily finishing time always on time and the opportunity of exploring a bit of Australia. :-)
Without any doubt I’ll be back in Australia one day to discover the parts I did not see so far. And on this occasion, I will also check if Diane and Bonnie achieved their goals with Marketing Mechanics. But I’m sure they will… ;-)
See you soon…

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