Monday, January 9, 2017

Erica - Taiwan

My name is Erica, from Taiwan. My major is human resources management. I can’t image that I am writing the intern blog. It seems that I just came here to have an interview. I still can remember the very first time I arrived here. The people here are really nice. After talking to Diane, I am sure that I want to try and have different experiences here. Luckily, I got this offer.

The first week was really challenging. Diane gave me a task that I have to do the secondary research. In order to help our clients to figure the potential market, I had to collect the quantitative and qualitative data. For me, this task was very exciting because I‘ve never done this before and it was not an easy job. However, I found something interesting in this job. While I was searching the quantitative data in the statistical database, I tried to contact the city council to help me to get the data. To be honest, I didn’t think that they would share the data with me, but I still want to try. Surprisingly, they give me the information which is exactly I need! After finishing this stage, the marketing team incorporate all of the data into marketing plan for the clients. I got the report as well. Being one part of this plan was very fulfilling and satisfying to me.

The following days, Diane gave me another challenging job which is about the strategy. I used academic models (example: Jay barney-competitive advantages, Porter- five forces analysis,…) to interpret data, and incorporate into Marketing Mechanics marketing strategy. I can’t believe that Diane believed in me that I can do these jobs.(because I can’t believe that I can finish these!!!!) I am so appreciative that I got this chance.

As an intern of Marketing Mechanics, I can try everything new and they will encourage you to achieve the goal! I really enjoyed this research job. Although I am not major in marketing, during these days I have learned a lot of new things which are very helpful for me!

Time went so fast, I wish I could stay longer because everything here is so amazing! I want to thank Diane she sets a wonderful sample for me. I can see that she is not only the owner of this team, but also a soul of Marketing Mechanics. Thank you for all the people in Marketing Mechanics. Thank you, Andrew, Britt, Bonnie, Daniel, Adam, David, Ivy and Kelvin (and William)!!!! I will remember every happy and funny moment we had experienced together. My 2016 is so incredible because of Marketing Mechanics!!! 

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