Monday, March 21, 2016

Vicky Jahns, Germany

It’s always hard to say goodbye. Goodbye means an end and I don’t want my time at Marketing Mechanics to end…. Six months ago I started my internship here. It was easy to settle in. Everybody was so kind and friendly so after one month I became an integrated part of the team.  I started to get a lot of responsibility and my own projects. I learned to create comprehensive marketing plans, got insights in film and video production and had my own content marketing projects. I’m so happy that I’ve had a boss like Di. She gave me advice, not only regarding work, she motivated and encouraged me, she gave me power when I had bad days and she took care of me. In a foreign country where you don’t know anybody and anything, a person like Di is worth a mint.

I never really felt like an intern, everybody treated me like an equal part of the staff. My workmates became my friends. We shared all our stories, pains and secrets with each other. And we had so much fun together… I will never forget these little breaks. I loved to be in charge of the music and of the aircon (sometimes, thanks Dan haha). I loved our parties and cakes on Friday. I loved that everybody just wanted to give me nice tasks and felt bad when it was not that nice (You felt bad, right Andrew?! ;) ).

Right now, as I’m writing this I remember all the nice memories that I will never forget. I will take them with me to Berlin. Thanks for making my time here so special and unforgettable! Di, Britt, Andrew, Matt,  Daniel, David, Manel and Bonnie – you guys are amazing!! I will miss you so much.

So it’s a goodbye for now but I’m pretty sure that we’ll see each other very soon again!

xxx Vicky

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