Monday, June 30, 2014

Shannon Roest - Marketing Intern


 Hi everyone!

I feel kind of sad that the moment to write this blog has arrived since it means that I will be leaving soon. It was the beginning of February (five months ago) when I entered the world of marketing for the first time. The young, inexperienced and most of all excited me. Hi, my name is Shannon, a Dutch girl who once had the dream to pack her bags and go Down Under for her internship.
I can count myself lucky that Marketing Mechanics opened her doors to me by offering a marketing internship. From the very beginning I felt welcome and appreciated by Diane and her team. Marketing Mechanics has got a lot of different clients with different marketing needs. Therefore, as an intern, you will be working on a variation of tasks. From a complete business plan for a start-up, presentations for an international company and social media schedules for different clients to many different marketing plans. In a period of just five months I learned so much about marketing while working here full time and had the opportunity to improve my English skills as well.
Diane and her lovely team will help interns develop themselves on both a professional and personal level.  As an intern you will be considered a full member of the team, your opinion will be valued and you will be working together with your colleagues which enables you to learn from specialists.  I was lucky to start my internship period together with Laura, a German intern who also came for a marketing placement. I would also like to thank her for this amazing period, you are the best!
I hope that all of you, that have the same dream as I once had turn their dream into reality, because it was the best thing I have ever done! 
Thank you all for this amazing opportunity, you made my dream come true!

Ps. “fake it till you make it” became my life quote!

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