Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Manon Emery

Hi there !

My name is Manon, I am from France and by the end of this week, I'll have been working at Marketing Mechanics for six monhs ! (Can't believe it's almost over !)

Enrolled in the Business Management Track of my French Business School, I decided to do my Gap Year here in Australia.
Before I started my internship at Marketing Mechanics I wasn't really sure whether I wanted to do a Marketing or Strategy/consulting career. Reason why I thought great I'm going to do 6-months in Marketing at Marketing Mechanics and then I'll find something in a consulting firm.

The thing is, after a couple of months here, I am now 100% sure I want to pursue a career in Marketing. During those six months, I had the chance to work on a wide variety of interesting projects. As a full-services marketing agency, Marketing Mechanics gives you the opportunity to carry out a lot of different tasks from writting a blog to elaborate a full Marketing Plan and this for all kind of clients.

Another thing I'd like to point out is that you'll really feel considered and part of the company because you will be entrust with more complicated taks as the time goes. Marketing Mechanics team is also really carring and lovely : someone will always be here for you if you need something from a professionnal or personnal point of view ! I remember our Christmas Party in front of the Bridge, our numerous cakes or lunchs all together, good times !

I think that doing an internship here in Australia is such a great opportunity ! No one should ever hesitate to do it ! If you have the chance, just grab it !

And to conclude I just want to say thank you to the entire Marketing Mechanics team as they helped me find my way !

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