Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Sven from Germany spent time with us in late 2006. If you are reading this Sven, let us know what you are up to!

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Sven said...

Hey Guys

Wow, I think I am the first to post a comment on the brand new Marketing Mechanics Intern Blog ;)
Great Idea Bonnie and Di!
First of all, I miss U all so much. I had an awesome time with U - Bon-Di, Ed, Mar, Anna, Laurene, Robert and Jason. It was always fun working with ya guys.
I guess I am still the Candy Grabbing Champ. Wish I could come back soon to defend my title.
But holiday is far out of reach right now. I work as Marketing Coordinator at a Bayer MaterialScience company now and we just launched a new business model. A lot of work.
But I will come back to Sydney, just can't forget it.

Take care guys, Sven :)